The cyclone risk associated with a given building is related to its design and construction, its exposure in terms of shielding, topography, proximity to coast, its location in relation to a cyclonic region and the intensity and duration of the cyclone. There are also other factors outside building maintenance, and flying debris. In addition to the design and construction of the building, there are other variables which have an important bearing on a building's susceptibility to cyclones. Cyclones Region window and door system is the best way of architecture to suite with cyclonic country.


We believe in providing customers with exactly what they want. The colour range that we have compiled represents the colours expressed by home owners as firm favorites for their timeless appearance and ability to complement the wide range of cladding and roofing options.
The colours are in line with emerging design trends. There is a diverse palette inspired by nature, as well as the latest in timber colour finishes. 
The finished on Fletcher Aluminium and Comalco Door and window joinery is supplied by market leaders powder coatings. D&W offers comprehensive warranties on the finish of your windows and doors for your peace of mind.

Standard colours v. 2015 provide 10 years warranty


D&W Timber Powdercoat finishes for Fletcher Aluminium or Comalco doors and windows are a beautiful, durable and sustainable alternative to timber building products as it offers the strength and stability of aluminium and the warmth and natural beauty of timber.
A stunning timber finish that never requires painting will never rot, split or twist and is not subject to insect attack.  The product can be applied to any substrate that can be powdercoated.

Electro made from high durability, UV resistant raw materials, the tough yet flexible Electro range of powder coatings, when applied by a “registered applicator” on architectural aluminium, can carry a 15 year, exterior durability, performance warranty. The Electro range of powder coatings are suitable for use in a wide variety of climatic conditions from cold to hot, and humid to dry environments.
Besides their excellent exterior durability, compared to traditional anodic type finishes, the Electro range of powder coatings have superior anti-staining properties. The Electro range of powder coatings are resistant to staining from the likes of wood tannins, and can thus be used with confidence in conjunction with timbers such as cedar. Mortar splashes cleaned off while still “wet” will not damage the Electro coated surface or leave an ugly white stain.
In situations where “run off” marks may occur, and or air borne dust and dirt accumulate, simply wash with warm soapy water using a car wash brush or similar. In the unfortunate situation where serious damage occurs to an Electro coated surface the damage may be easily repaired in-situ using an approved paint system. 

Note ** Sample colours as your see in this website may different from real colours on Aluminium frame because of display. Should contact our sales team and ask for sample and detail of products.

FLETCHER CYCLONE RATED STACKER DOOR OR WINDOW: Flelcher Cyclone Rated doors and windows have been manufactured to comply with the Australian Window Standard AS2047. The design performance has been verified by a NATA accredited test laboratory. Our manufacturer is a meber of the AWA Accreditation Program, provides a 6 year guarantee against faulty workmanship and materials (Refered to Manufacturer's Warranty).    Tested and Certified to AS2047:
  • Structural
  • Hardware Performance
  • Water Leakage
  • Air penetration