The cyclone risk associated with a given
building is related to its design and construction, its exposure in terms of
shielding, topography, proximity to coast, its location in relation to a
cyclonic region and the intensity and duration of the cyclone. There are also
other factors outside building maintenance, and flying debris. 
In addition to the design and construction
of the building, there are other variables which have an important bearing on a
building's susceptibility to cyclones. Cyclones Region window and door system
is the best way of architecture to suite with cyclonic country.

FLETCHER CYCLONE RATED SLIDING DOOR OR WINDOW: Flelcher Cyclone Rated doors and windows have been manufactured to comply with the Australian Window Standard AS2047. The design performance has been verified by a NATA accredited test laboratory. Our manufacturer is a meber of the AWA Accreditation Program, provides a 6 year guarantee against faulty workmanship and materials (Refered to Manufacturer's Warranty).    Tested and Certified to AS2047:
  • Structural
  • Hardware Performance
  • Water Leakage
  • Air penetration